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Woman Beater -

2011-06-01 22:46:39 by marionette-chick

I honestly don't understand men... they swear up and down they love but then yet again, they'll knock you to the ground crying. Love shouldn't drive you to the point to where you'll do that. All the threats... all the secrets that girl has kept because she fell in love with that man before he was like that. I understand that alcoholics may become angry and very brutal when drunk, but wouldn't you think that they'll try to stop for the person they love? What about the men that beat their girlfriends or wives just because they think they can? You men need therapy and a little help. I'm just saying because that woman that you're beating on truly loves you if she's willing to go through all your swings and throws, and then has the guts to go to her friends and family and say, "Oh, I'm not sure how that scratch got there... maybe from when I fell.." She can't cover everything up with makeup for long... sooner or later she'll see that she's had enough. Maybe when you guys separated you've "changed" over the little time being alone and thought about things. Maybe you want to try again, so you go to her doorstep and ask for another chance... but oh look! another man is at the door! You messed up hun!

To all the men out there, don't beat up women and never lie when you say "I love you." because lying about love will hurt a women more than any piercing, or any bruise, scar...

If you have different point of views leave a comment.

I'm new on newgrounds... but I'm putting how I feel. Tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

Me and a friend of mine was talking about how we don't believe in God in class and the substitute teacher came up to us and told us to that this isn't the place to do that. Well, I'm sorry but i hear people talk about God and how great he is all the time at school and no one says a thing to them. how do you think that makes me feel? pretty un-easy. Plus, I hate how people try to change my opinions. I'm Agnostic, sorry hunny but I'm not changing my views and fate. So, stop sending me messages about God, because when I always ask
"why did you send me this?" You people always say "oh, well, I thought it would connect with you or send you a sign." then when I say "Please, I'm not a Christian so why are you sending me Christian things?" It starts an argument.
I HATE ARGUING! I've always hated it ever since I was, like 4?
But, anyways, I have my opinions and you have yours. So, yeah just stop sending me Christian things and asking me to go to church. THANK YOU SO MUCH!